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24/7 Emergency Hotline (877) 746-9911


Enclosed space emergency response, down to a science.

Only Phoenix 1st Response


Our team has high-level involvement with over 40 underground events and disasters internationally over the last 35+ years, providing clients with hundreds of years of combined perspectives.

Analytical Laboratories


The only mining specific gas analysis laboratories in North America, specializing in proactive Mine Gas History, EPA GHG sample analysis, and emergency on-site mobile gas chromatograph analytical laboratories for mining and non-mining applications.

Emergency Services


From fire suppression technologies to membrane nitrogen services to internationally recognized consultants, we have curated central access to all of the resources necessary to respond to an emergency quickly and effectively.

Prepare & Prevent


Develop an emergency response plan, and procure the right products and training with the objective guidance of a team that has been involved with more emergency scenarios than any other.

PHOENIX First Response

25 Alegheny Square
Glassport, PA 15045

P: (412) 664-7788

24/7 Emergency Hotline
(877) 746-9911

Available: 24/7/365

The Phoenix First Response team has been called to almost every U.S. mine fire and various disasters over the last thirty-five years gaining a reputation for developing innovative and effective solutions to previously under and unanswered situations.